• I hope you are well. My mom lives at the Arbors in Stoneham; we met during the transition from admins. I have been meaning to send this for some time. I want you to know that Rebecca has honestly changed our lives for the better. She is, by far, one of the most dedicated and hard-working people I have come into contact with. She loves the residents, and they know this. The change in my mom since Rebecca came on-board has been such a positive one and I am so very grateful. A true testament to Rebecca is that my mom raves about her constantly! Obviously, we are still on the Alzheimer’s roller-coaster but Rebecca’s support and guidance has made everything so much easier to deal with. Now, with the amazing Lindsay still at the helm, Rebecca running Reflections and Nancy there on weekends, I sleep so much better at night.

    Daughter Of Stoneham Resident
  • The staff at The Arbors is a step above all other assisted living facilities. My mom is in a beautiful, caring and safe environment. The staff not only takes great and amazing care of my mom but they also love her too! I could not ask for a better place for my mom. We are so lucky she is able to live at The Arbors.

    Michelle M. (Winthrop)
  • Hi Julie,

    Please know what an amazing gift you gave to our family. I wanted to say thank you, and let you know (as I’m sure you do) what an amazing staff you have. I arrived in the morning Sunday, and picked up Mom to take to church and to lunch. Mom was in a relaxed mood, with her purse (found) and dressed up with a flower pin! Your staff has always helped getting her ready for every day we get to enjoy together.

    While Mom and I were at church, she mentioned to me that she was praying for someone who fell (collapsed) that morning at the Arbors. I let her describe more of the scenario, and she said how great your staff did in keeping the other residents calm. Imagine? Mom can’t remember a conversation for two seconds, but she certainly remembered her feelings. Your staff – again – thank you! She felt comforted knowing that you were all taking care of the situation and helping those who were residing at the Arbors.

    Julie, that little piece of “happening” is indicative of the wonderful training you’ve done with your staff and how each of them truly understands that warming a clients heart is so vital due to the memory and impairments that these residents manifest. On Sunday, Natalie was helpful and instructive about what transpired and reassuring that the resident would be coming back to the Arbors later in the afternoon.

    One never knows the reasons for the various paths we are on in life – and why certain people intersect at opportune moments. Natalie’s reassuring nature helped to make the Day very special, and one that was a gift of the heart.

    Wishing you peace-


    Bob, Arbors at Chicopee
  • I am writing not only to commend you, but the entire staff at the Arbors, for the wonderful care my father has received. Every time I walk into the facility I am greeted by a friendly smile and hello, not only from the staff, but also by the residents. The environment there has enabled my father to thrive, because he is happy, motivated, and feels like he is part of a family.

    Because of your great activities program he has returned to painting, loves the exercise class, and looks forward to baking for the different fundraising events. The staff has included him in flower planting, herb gardening, picture taking, and many other things. He even carved his first pumpkin for this past Halloween!

    It is such a comfort to know he receives wonderful balanced meals, and blood pressure checks, and even “walker maintenance” if it is needed. He has developed several meaning friendships while he has been there also.

    The different events held by the Arbors that include families are also welcome and fun. The staff always provides a bounty of delicious appetizers and entertainment.

    So, thank you for all you do, as well as Crystal, you both have endless energy and your dedication to the senior population is most appreciated. You have made the Arbors “facility”, into a home.

    Kathy Wallace, Arbors at Greenfield
  • They say “Home is where the heart is.” I have been a resident here at the Arbors in Greenfield for six years. The place is nicely decorated and welcoming. There is always something to do if you choose to participate or you can be a loner. The staff here has been very kind and helpful to me through the years. There are also three meals served daily. I am happy and content here. I am home!

    Emily, Arbors at Greenfield
  • I moved to the Arbors 1 ½ years ago and in my mind, one of the best decisions I have made. Since I have been here I have made many good friends and have found many activities to enjoy. I have found the staff including the RCA’s to be kind, understanding, patient and helpful.” “P.S.: I am a 93 year old happy camper!”

    Arbors at Greenfield
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