Updated 10/7/2020

At the Arbors, the health and safety of our residents, staff, visitors and families is our top priority. We’ve been vigilant about observing all safety protocols every step of the way as we’ve navigated this pandemic. As guidelines from the CDC and DPH adjust to accommodate the new normal, we want to keep you updated with our current status regarding visitors, moving-in and family visits.

Tours / Visits

  • At this time, we are still encouraging virtual tours with our Marketing Directors when possible. However, we are able to facilitate in-person tours, if requested, for individuals intending to move in the near future. These tours are limited to two visitors who must be screened and wear a facemask for the duration of the tour.

Resident/Family Indoor and Outdoor Visits

  • Family members are able to visit their loved ones at an outdoor area or in the Resident’s apartment. These visits need to be scheduled in advance, facemasks are required and a social distance of six feet must be maintained.

New Residents

  • We are carefully and thoughtfully accepting new residents. We want to assure everyone that we are doing what we can to make life as normal as possible in our new normal. With that said, we are also being very cautious and following DPH and CDC Guidelines.
  • Quarantine period: New Residents who have NOT been tested for COVID or have tested negative will be required to quarantine for 14 days. PLEASE know that during these 14 days there will be frequent visits. One-on-one activities will be conducted in the apartment including snacks, gardening, games, and lots of love! Delicious, nutritious meals will be served three times a day—and perhaps a cocktail or two! Our new residents get extra love and attention while adjusting to their new apartment.
  • Quarantine visits for new residents and families: We are here to help our new residents and their families stay connected through virtual and in-person visits. During the 14-day quarantine, as long as the Resident has not had a known or suspected exposure to Covid-19, we will schedule virtual visits as well as outdoor or in apartment visits. The visits need to be scheduled in advance. Face coverings will be required and a social distance of six feet must be maintained for the duration of the visit.


  • If a resident leaves the community for a medical appointment, hair appointment or any other reason, we ask that they wear a facemask, maintain appropriate social distance, and perform proper hand hygiene the entire time they are out of the community. We will conduct a risk assessment following the leave or outing to determine if a quarantine is necessary upon return to the community.


  • Our residents remain engaged through a variety of creative interactions. These include one-on-one activities, small groups, virtual activities as well as scheduled walks and outdoor time. We are scheduling outdoor entertainers and outdoor group activities while maintaining an appropriate social distance.


  • At this time, our dining rooms have re-opened for the noontime meal. We continue to deliver three delicious, nutritious meals a day to residents that have chosen not to return to the dining room at this time.
  • We will continue to evaluate the safety of communal dining and will re-open for the morning and evening meals in a safe and thoughtful way,

If you or you family have any questions or would like to set up a tour, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe. Be well.

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