Dining Room Server

Objective- Constantly improve our residents dining experience through quality service, wholesome food and positive behaviors in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.


  • Proper service etiquette- see attachment
  • Place all orders with kitchen for resident meal choices, deliver food, return to each table after being served to see if they are satisfied.
  • Prepare table condiments prior to service (butters, creamers & water pitchers)
  • Roll silverware
  • Maintaining Cleanliness of Dining Room
    • Vacuum after each meal service (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
    • Reset dining room tables after they have been sanitized and cleaned
    • Refill all sugar caddies, S&P shakers
    • Insert daily menus and clean each menu holder
    • Maintain beverage/server pantry (fridge, counter tops and cabinets)
    • Launder cloth napkins, aprons and kitchen towels
    • Clean all beverage machines (coffee, juice & soda)
    • Adjust all blinds as needed to be uniform
  • Stock pub area with condiments, paper goods and replenish all beverages and snacks as scheduled
  • Assist dietary aide as needed and time permits
  • Assist chef as needed and time permits

Please send resume to dclark@arborsassistedliving.com